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I stumbled into Triathlon’s in 2008, and found myself with a group of similar novices staring at the sea on my 1st race, not really understanding what I was about to let myself in for, but about 1 ½ hours later I was hooked. But I was hooked on 2 accounts, firstly the joy & challenges of competing in a multisport event, and secondly the great opportunity this gave me to raise funds for various Charities.

Over the years, I have successfully completed various events from 100 mile Bike rides, Open-water swims, Run races & Marathons, and mostly Triathlons. And all of these have allowed me to raise money for various Charities.

Through the years, I have raised money for various charities and have been fortunate to receive various running vests and occasionally swimming hats. But those haven’t been helpful for Bike or Triathlon events. And as I have always wanted to raise awareness and use these events as a mechanism to raising funds for whichever charity I was supporting, I found the generosity of a running vest frustrating and not always Triathlon friendly.

So I was delighted when Cancer Research allowed me to produce a Tri-suit for my 2012 endeavours. And was pleasantly surprised in both the additional support and the interest from other competitors, spectators, supporters and other charity representatives, as to how they could similarly promote the charity they are supporting. This promoted me to create this business, where you as a competing athlete can create your own sportswear to promote the great cause your endeavours will support.

This business delivers a high quality product, manufactured in the UK, that is specific to your charity fundraising needs at a cost effective product to the athlete. Thus after product and admin costs, any other money will go directly to the relevant charity you as an athlete are supporting.

So may I wish you good luck in your events, and hope you do a great job in raising funds for which great cause or charity you are supporting.

PAUL NASH – Weekend Triathlete & Serial Charity Fundraiser.

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  1. This is just the kind of thing I’ve been hunting for! Fantastic and cheers!

    • Thanks for the comment, we are also developing Tri-suits for other charities, can we supply you a Cancer Research UK Tri-suit, or is there another charity you wish to support ?